My flair for creativity first surfaced around the age of 7.  Around September I would start creating Halloween decorations and the moment that task was completed I would switch to Christmas décor.  I developed a talent for designing handicrafts and received considerable praise for my unique Santa Claus’s, Easter Bunnies and personalized Gifts.

Around the age of 9, I entered my first colouring contest and won!  I began entering one contest after the other, enhancing my style with the use of glitter, sequins and anything else that I felt was appropriate to add texture to my creations.  I once even created an Easter Bunny out of coffee beans.  I believe I won every contest that I entered.  This feat instilled me with incredible confidence and gave me the incentive I needed at that time to take my creative passions to the next level.

As time passed I found myself refinishing furniture and redecorating any room in the house that my parents would allow.  From there I became interested in Fashion and took jobs in various retail stores only to discover that my real interests were now leaning in the direction of visual merchandising.  This prompted me to enroll in College to take a Display and Design course. At this point I came to the realization that I had indeed discovered my future Vocation.

Knowing that this decision would require several more years of education and experience, I decided to take a few months off and travel before resuming my studies, which is how I came to be here.  Falling in love with Australia and being able to further my education as a Graphic Designer here at the same time, has been a great blessing for me.  Through the combination of travel which gave me the ability to visualize things from different perspectives and my varied retail experience, I have developed great related personal skills, which has allowed me to work well both with others and alone.


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